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    Default Re: Getting redirect messages to "r. skimresources. com"

    Quote Originally Posted by Rockphed View Post
    It is probably somebody's avatar or signature. This sort of thing pops up from time to time and is almost always an image somebody is using. If you can figure out which threads it comes from it might help the mods figure out who is the problem.
    According to my uMatrix, this thread is connecting to s.skimresources.com.

    EDIT: So is pretty much every thread, including the "User Titles and Post Counts" thread. Not the main page or the main forum page. Not the "edit message" page. Not the profile, settings, or inbox page. Not any of the shop or comics pages. Not the forum rules page. Just the threads.

    EDIT 2: Doing a forum search shows that this seems to have been the case since February 2017.

    EDIT 3: Ah yes, here we go:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawhide View Post
    As noted in the linked post, Skimlinks/skimresources re-writes outgoing URLs to make using this site less attractive to spammers, and that is the primary reason we have incorporated their service on the site. It prevents spammers from using the website to boost search engine rankings, or posting referral links to such commercial sites. It's harmless. Usage of the service is funded by rewriting those referral links. Giant in the Playground does technically earn an incredibly small percentage from those links on occasion, but the amount is in cents and so small as to be insignificant (it is not the type of website where this would make a huge impact).
    Though uMatrix for some reason seems to have a problem with it.

    EDIT 4: Oh wait, I think that's because of the "incredibly small percentage" (i.e. a penny or something) that the website earns when you click on the link. It's basically like doubleclick, except instead of getting money when you click on the ad, money is earned when you click on a link.
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