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Well the problem is I looked it over and saw little different from the usual thing aside from your additional stuff which I didn't have much of an opinion on. so its like, I'm not sure what I should be saying?
Well for starters when I'm opening a pdf page in LibreDraw it renders bold MPalatin font as bold outline MPalatin font and drops the MagicMedieval font for it's default setting font. I found at least one place where I'd missed a word (melee weapon table). I'm throwing in things that I notice or think of as I go along. Most are pretty minor, but I tweaked the grenade costs and added the compound bow that way. In this next draft I'll have touched all the artifacts, mostly minor changes but a couple new items I just though up.

The graphics on a few of the backgrounds of the tables has been pretty bad in a couple places that I've noticed. I'm checking the visuals on my two home screens with slightly different settings and on a phone and a tablet. But I can't always easily tell if something looks off and there's no way for me to go through every page four times, mostly because of time constraints. I get to do most of my work after the rest of the house has gone to bed.

The appendices are all written in my own tone. While I try to be clear and concise I know that I don't always succeed and that I can't tell when that is. So if there's anything in those that's incoherent I'd love it if somebody piped up about it.

Last, I really am taking suggestions. There are a few remaining spots for pictures and I'm not exactly emotionally attached to a lot of the pics in the books. I think there's a bit of a heavy WH40K graphical influence that I'd like a little lighter. But finding images that are reasonably possible to use takes a fair bit of time. The images in the equipment section, I'd love to replace on pages 209, 210, 212, and 213. Since moving text around on a page is easy I can combine or split space for bigger or smaller images. The artifact hearthstone Windstone is pretty lousy (seriously, parrying bullets is what stunts are for I seriously don't want that sort of air-breathing mermaid issue here) but I don't know what to replace it with or how to change it. The essence union dart is probably pretty weak too. Gemstone of Immortality, exalts are already canonically immortal plus RPG character life expectancy make it pretty pointless as an artifact for the PCs and I can't really see NPCs going for it too much as I'm sure other methods to gain immortality exist (level 1 vampires are tough but not invincible so it's perfectly possible to go for a turn & kill setup or just buying your way in, promethians are made, and there's always the Deadpool method of trying to become a daemonhost or werewolf).