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Thread: Stranger Things Mafia Game Thread

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    Vote: JeenLeen

    Quote Originally Posted by JeenLeen View Post
    From how last game went, and the joking in the recruitment thread, I'm scared of AvatarVecna and totadileplayz. Both did some unexpected things that went off exceptionally well. Both have shown themselves skilled players, and, while that's great for Town if they are Town, dangerous if they are the wolf/wolves.
    Also, from the joking banter in the recruitment thread, both could 'get away with' some tricky stuff if either one is a wolf.

    So that's why I'm inclined to vote for one of them.

    My power is pretty standard Town, so I reckon that's similar for other townies.

    The Set-Up and Roles says that no player is immune to the daily elimination. I didn't see anything about it being impossible that someone might be immune to a first NK, so it's possible (if there is a town-vig), that the wolf might have a 1-time-immunity. Of course, it's also possible that we can't distinguish between a bane/void blocking a vig and a wolf surviving, so that's not real useful speculation.

    Also, I'm leaning that there's not a Town vigilante. Seems too likely to end the game too early, and there's plenty of non-vig powers to hand around with just 7 players.
    However, if there is a vig, I... well, I'm not sure if I like the idea of shooting randomly or not. With so few players, the odds of hitting a wolf are higher; but a misfire is also more dire.
    I very much don't like the first paragraph. Wants to vote players for:

    - Playstyle in previous games
    - Being skilled players
    - banter in recruitment

    None of the reasons are super relevant to this game and sounds like wanting to get rid of good players (who, if town, will cause problems for the wolves).

    Mentions his powers are pretty standard. Not sure what to make of that.

    The bottom analysis would normally sound townish to me. Analysis Day 1 on a very short game feels helpful, but coming after the first part of the post is making me pause. While I agree there isn't likely a town Vig, it could also be a wolf (possibly solo with a 1 time immunity as Jeen suggested?) fishing for that information.

    Quote Originally Posted by JeenLeen View Post
    I'm not sure how literally to take the "will" in "will be present", but if we take it rather literally, we know at least one player has a power with limited uses or a JOAT-type powerset.
    That's an easy box to tick - with a small game, I'd be surprised if JOAT or some other limited use ability wasn't around.

    I like the vote on Jeen, at least for now, but we do have a while left before lynch. Some things I would like to call out.

    AvatarVecna - I'd love for you to vote someone other than yourself. I know it's a thing you do but we got limited time and I'd like to see your actual thoughts rather than a joke vote.

    Aleph Null and Book Wombat - Haven't posted yet (I understand I'm saying this in my first post). I am extremely worried about having an afk player going into Day 2 and beyond. I'll have to look back at the autolynch rules but I don't even know if they'd come into play for a 7 player game. If it gets near the end of Day 1 I'll be inclined to vote for someone who hasn't posted as they could easily be a Wolf who wanted to skate through Day 1 for free or a Town who will not be around to use their ability/vote.

    Vote Count:

    AvatarVecna (3): JeenLeen, AvatarVecna, totadileplayz
    JeenLeen (2): Batcathat, CaoimhinTheCape

    Not voting: AlephNull, Book Wombat
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