No real defense to Cao's comments. I didn't intend it that way, but I see his points. Town vig, if you exist, I do not think you should reveal who you are. Same for any JOAT or other limited-use powerset. That was speculation to share, not meant as wanting anyone (beyond Apogee with the JOAT question) to prove it by claiming.

And, yeah, I admit those are bad reasons to vote someone in general, but that was the real reason for my D1 first post poke. And there aren't good reasons to vote early D1 (usually).
I'd change my vote if I had a real reason to vote someone... but since I'm the most suspicious right now, doesn't seem the right tactic

If I do wind up dying today, keep in mind that targeting my suspicious comments is a very strong way for a wolf to get rid of me. Of course, also looks towny, and maybe the wolves are the quiet players letting us kill each other (the ideal wolf scenario D1). I guess my death (at least with current posting) doesn't reveal much, but maybe it in conjunction with track/watch/seers targeting either Cao/Batcathat or AV/totaldileplayz would.
In other words, I don't think there's a strong pattern to tell who might be scumbuddies with who (if there are even 2 wolves), but I lean towards one of AV, Cao, and Batcathat being scum. Being able to get some power-based intel could be really helpful D2.

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AvatarVecna - I'd love for you to vote someone other than yourself. I know it's a thing you do but we got limited time and I'd like to see your actual thoughts rather than a joke vote.
I also share this sentiment.
I get why someone might do it as Town (beyond laughs). If you random-poke a wolf D1, it looks like distancing later on and could screw you. Or if you random poke a townie, maybe that backfires (though less likely to). But it's still some info, as opposed to note via self-vote, and giving some (even if scant and weak info) is a good town move.
So, as Town, a real vote is better.

I'd fine it neat if the metagame shifts such that self-voting is considered an ill move. I think I read that some Mafia forums consider not voting in your first post (even D1) a legit move, but here's it's considered wolfy and suspicious. Be neat to see if this aspect shifts, between sentiments like Cao's and totaldileplayz.
On the other hand, I can see AV maintaining. JoyWonderLove kept to not voting D1 consistently enough that, while she was active, it became clear that her doing so wasn't a wolfy move.

Anyway, not meaning to be critical, AV (or overly critical/mean). But I reckon you get the sentiment, even if you disagree with the logic, from how often you've asked for more discussion.

Also, this seems a safe distancing if AV and Cao are scumbuddies.

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Meant to mention: I'm going offline soon today, but should be back tomorrow. Probably won't be on exactly around Day's end, but most of Wednesday. I'm getting my 2nd COVID shot Wednesday afternoon, so I hope that won't have bad side effects and greatly hinder posting Thursday/Friday.