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Seeing as how this is simply jeenleen proffering up discussion I am currently leaning everyone inactive as sus.
How do you define inactive? We don't have a page of discussion yet and I could make a case for any most of us as "inactive".

AlephNull - One post, no vote.
AvatarVecna - One post, self vote.
Batcathat - Three posts, some questions about the game/discussion.
Book Wombat - No posts.
CaoimhinTheCape - Two posts, larger one to vote Jeen, then a meta comment.
JeenLeen - Four posts, some analysis but I've already laid out what doesn't sit well with me.
totadileplayz - Four posts, each on the shorter side.

Really, the only people I'd say are active are Jeen, Batcat, and totadile. Even totodile's count bumped up since I intended to post this afternoon.

totodile I assume that AV seeming inactive means your vote isn't just a random early vote?

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Conversations are key. Anyone who isnt voting and isnt talking is actively hampering town and letting wolves win.

People who are talking can easily steer town to vote for or against someone. This is also a wolf play.

The key is to pay attention, try to look for links.
I'll agree with the sentiment, even if it is contradicting itself a little.

Aleph Null Now that you've posted, I'm interested who you want to vote for. Whether it is AV, Jeen, or someone new it'll be helpful to see where you go.