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Thread: Stranger Things Mafia Game Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeenLeen View Post
    To non-voters feeling a bit impartial: discussion would probably be helped most by 1 more vote on me, or a vote on new people. That way we either 1) have a tied wagon with AV*, or 2) get a new person in the spotlight.
    If either I, AV, or the new person is a wolf, that might have other wolves (if there are more than one) moving votes or reacting. Probably not in a way we can detect today, but maybe D2.

    *note that, as she self-voted, AV is essentially tied with me right now, or could easily make me in the lead by moving her vote to me. However, I admit she's left her vote on herself in the past, I think even in situations like this... Anyway, just keep that in mind if you try to tie with me AV for info's sake.
    I'll be able to move my vote around before end of Day, so I'll switch up my vote now - if anyone moves with me (especially someone on the AV wagon) we'll at least have some discussion/a few options. On the fence about Jeen but at least he's here posting.

    Vote: Aleph Null since you haven't voted anyone. I'm also worried about Book Wombat not showing up so I'd also go for that wagon.

    Vote Count:

    AvatarVecna (3): JeenLeen, AvatarVecna, totadileplayz
    JeenLeen (1): Batcathat
    AlephNull (1): CaoimhinTheCape

    Not voting: AlephNull, Book Wombat
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