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    Quote Originally Posted by CaoimhinTheCape View Post
    I'm also worried about Book Wombat not showing up so I'd also go for that wagon.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna View Post
    Another key is to look for discrepancies, patterns that players fall into and times when they don't fit the patterns. This can also get into WIFOM territory, of course.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna View Post
    If I was doing a serious vote today, it'd be on totadile.
    I'm not completely sure why, but something about these posts makes me inclined to move my vote off AV to Book Wombat (to pressure some voice, as Cao makes a good point) or to totaldileplayz, but I feel like that might be doing what AV hopes I'll do... so I'm gonna stick with my initial gut feeling and keep my vote on AV.

    I guess the feeling to move to totadileplayz is to test AV's supposed real-vote-if-she-were-making-one: see how totaldile flips to help read AV. But sticking to a vote on AV is a more solid way to test AV.
    Something about this feels like wolf!AV being caught in a rather unfortunate scenario. To be consistent with her earlier banter, she self-voted, and she knew that'd get her some heat. The level of heat may be more than she anticipated (2 votes instead of just totaldileplayz), but she's responding in a neutral enough way that is dissuading some folk from voting her (almost worked on me.)

    Of course, WIFOM comes into play in that that's also how a legit townie would act, especially one who felt their power wasn't worthwhile enough to be worth letting another townie take the D1 mislynch.
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