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This game feels like the last ten minutes of a murder mystery. Except that every time the detective has stopped talking about what really happened, another detective stands up to talk about what really really happened.

As a beginner, it also feels a little like being dropped into some strange and foreign culture where I sort of speak the language but don't understand any of the social norms. Quite amusing, I must say.
I definitely get that sentiment, my first few games here I was very much trying to understand how the games usually go here. After a couple games you get used it. So far we're only on Day 1, so we don't have much to go on, but putting out a lot of ideas/opinions tends to help figure out the game later. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

From all the talking today, do you have opinions on any of the players (if they seem like they're town or wolf)? It'll be hard since this is Day 1 still, but anything could be helpful. I'll probably do a read list later.

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I'm not completely sure why, but something about these posts makes me inclined to move my vote off AV to Book Wombat (to pressure some voice, as Cao makes a good point) or to totaldileplayz, but I feel like that might be doing what AV hopes I'll do... so I'm gonna stick with my initial gut feeling and keep my vote on AV.
I mean, since my Aleph vote is doing nothing, I'll Vote: Book Wombat in case that changes anything. I don't think I want Jeen lynched anymore, if only for the fact that Jeen is engaging with the game.

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AvatarVecna (3): JeenLeen, AvatarVecna, totadileplayz
JeenLeen (1): Batcathat
Book Wombat (1): CaoimhinTheCape

Not voting: AlephNull, Book Wombat