I'm still inclined to vote AV, but, if there is a town vigilante, I wouldn't be opposed to them offing Book Wombat (assuming he stays inactive, beyond a suspicious "hey, don't kill me. I'm here" level of activity.)

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There's something I've been debating asking, but I think I will go ahead in case I die tonight.
I'm a "Neighbor" with someone with the role of Nancy Wheeler; we have a private QT in which we can communicate. I don't know if they are Town or Wolf -- checked with Apogee, and he confirmed being neighbors did not mean we were of the same alignment. Could be, or could not be.

I've decided to trust them, and told them my power.
If they are a wolf, they are incentivized to keep me alive since I'm trusting them (to a fair degree) and can be manipulated.
If they are legit town, then, well, we're networked. Yay.
I'd say who they are, but that would make the wolves want to kill me to incriminate them (maybe? WIFOM antics). So I think it's unwise to tell who I'm networked with. Also, in the off-chance I'm the only person with a Neighbor and thus a baner might want to bane me tonight, naming them means 2 folk to bane instead of one.

But it occurs to me that, if there is just 1 wolf, a good starting power is being networked with a townie. I don't really know if anyone else should say if they are networked or not... but I have a guess that of these things are true
1) most townies have above-average (for a given game) powers. For those who don't, they are networked. (My power isn't trash, but it's a normal power.)
2) all/most townies are networked. The wolves can fakeclaim being neighbors.
3) the wolf/wolves are networked with townies. No real townies are networked together.
4) a few people were randomly networked
5) everyone (or most everyone) was randomly networked, and that means probably there's a wolf-townie Neighbor
I dislike #4 and #5 and almost didn't list them, but it is possible. I mainly dislike those options because they make declaring and discussing this pretty much useless for interpretation and pinpointing wolves.
I realize other scenarios are possible. Maybe just 2 townies were randomly picked as Neighbors, or two players. But that seems unlikely.

Basically, I'm saying this publicly in case #3 is true and it might help us fine the wolf/wolves. If absolutely no-one else is a Neighbor, then I think my buddy is probably scum. Perhaps the only scum.
Not sure if people should declare things this Day or not. I'm leaning to stay quiet. If I die, Apogee confirmed that my death reveal will say that I am a Neighbor, so we can test this in part by seeing if the D1 lynch and N1 NK reveal Neighbor relationships with whoever dies. If a townie dies who is NOT a neighbor, my buddy looks more suspicious.

If the Town decides it's best to lynch my neighbor, I think we can safely wait until D2. (I'd rather get more intel before betraying their name, and it's just a few hours 'til D1 ends.) Even if I die and thus can't name the player, you all knowing the Role should make it easy to figure out who it is if people claim. (Er, maybe. Perhaps I haven't thought that part through well enough, and I guess it really depends on the number of believable Role characters in the TV show.)

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For new player(s?), some common terminology:

NK = night-kill
vigilante = a townie with a NK power
baner = someone who can protect from NKs
voider = someone who can cancel another person's power
watcher/tracker = I get these confused, but you target someone. With one, you can tell who they targeted. With the other, you tell who targeted them. Feels kinda useless to me usually, but useful if you happen to spot the NKer.
seer = detects alignment/Role
JOAT = jack of all trades. Generally has a 1-use of several powers

Also, as you likely gathered, mafia, wolf, and scum are used interchangeably. (At least in most games; sometimes there's two killnig factions, a mafia and a werewolf one, and the terminiology matters. But usually it's just Town vs. one-baddie-group, maybe with some neutrals.)