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    Tao Mein

    Race/Species: Posshallar
    Age: He doesn't look that old, which currently is accurate. But then, he's never going to look that old.
    Alignment: Black and White / Neutral
    Class/Profession: Mercenary
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Small and scrawny. A pale-skinned, gold-haired humanoid with a set of antlers on his head. His teeth don't have gaps between them, and his ears are on the big side. Wearing a brass-buttoned red jacket, black leather boots, loose pants with tons of pockets, a white glove on his right hand only, and a pointy steel headdress. He's holding a gun, with more guns and a magic wand on his belt. On his back is a white leather pack stuffed with gear.
    Able to split into scores of tiny silver dragons.
    Personality: Tao is a nervous guy who has no idea what's going on. He would really like things to just stop happening to him for a while. But of course, things won't stop happening. In his previous life he was a fearless warrior, explorer, and statesman, and occasionally that comes through.
    He can be expected to have enough food and water for a long trip. Don't eat the apples though - they're enchanted. A little money in various forms.
    The magic wand is bronze with a hand on each end, one clenched in a fist-fear, the other holding its fingers open and apart-sleep.
    He has a castle that folds down into a steel cube a few inches across.
    His favorite possessions are a little toy car and a glass bottle that's literally indestructible.
    There's a ring that he keeps on a chain around his neck most of the time - Gold with silver leaves and a garnet setting
    Abilities: Lightning bolts
    Backstory: When Amyria was killed, the remaining modules scattered around and outside the city. Over time, they regrew to a critical (and sufficiently specialized) mass. Tao contains about 12% of the original. Upon waking up, he almost immediately had to fight off murder cultists. Then beast people. Then he finally made it to town, only to find that everyone there had been killed by a robot army and he had to save the world from them. When that wrapped up, desperate for money, he took a job he really shouldn't have and wasn't seen for months. On a harmless trip to an antique shop, he was captured by a devil and had to fight his way out from yet another murderous cult.
    Tao still has no idea who he is or where he came from, but at this point he's accepted that he's not going to get any answers.
    Module Count: 126 As of Prophet
    Modules: Magical Analyzer that give him "the ability of being able to identify and interpret magical auras! No mystic bauble will go unidentified with this guy around!"
    No amplifier modules.
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