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    Default Re: [Let's Read] Dungeons the Dragoning 40,000 7th ed. v1.6

    Quote Originally Posted by Cluedrew View Post
    OK I haven't really had time to go into any depth, I tried just skimming it but there is so much going on I couldn't really pick anything out. But there is something I noticed while searching for "exits" for the last post. And that is maybe instead of marking starting/level 1 classes just put the level number there. It feels like knowing being able to pick out level 2, 3, 4 and 5 classes would be helpful.

    Also now I forget, and it just occurred to me so I'm going to skip checking, do you have page references on the class list? That might be useful too.
    Planning on hyperlinking the crud out of the index and classes and feats. Putting some in the "how to play section too". That sound good?

    Edit: also spells, sword schools, and the appendices are the big change areas. Looking for outliers in spells, stuff to absolutely always take or never take. Checking that you'd want to take acsword school to 5 dots (get effectively 50xp per dot to spend on a move when buying a dot of a school). Want the extra stuff to make sense and be readable.

    Have started editing pages from book 2 until probably the weekend. Then will start in on annotate and marking book 1.

    More edit: improved random spelljammer generator, added bookmarks & set page numbering to match, fix 2 typo.

    Next step should be annotating & commentary. Annoying - adobe will do custom mark icons but won't copy/paste, okular will copy/paste but not correctly do custom icons. Searching reveals both issues going back several years.
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