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    Whether it was because of testing fate .... or maybe a sliver of the light escaped ... or even that the door creaked a little, but Purple turns her head and shouts, "Intruders! Wake up!"

    Begin Round One ..

    Janiven moves past Flycatcher, using the wall to guide her. She looks like she is going to shoot a bogey as soon as she might see something.

    R1T21: Dusha, you heard that someone is shouting downstairs, and you can't see right now as all light sources were doused for stealth. What do you do?

    Spoiler: Battle Tracker

    Janiven: 26.
    Dusha: 21.
    Flycatcher: 19.
    Green (f): 18. (18:18).
    Radigan the Rat: 17.
    Erasmus: 16.
    Brown (m): 14. (18:18).
    Hyrum: 13.
    Yellow (m): 12. (18:18).
    Dravano: 11.
    Pink (f): 10. (18:18).
    Red-Blue (f): 9. (18:18).
    Blue (f): 8. (18:18).
    Red (f): 7. (18:18).
    Purple (f): 6. (18:18).
    Arael: 4.
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