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    yuk Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Detailed WW/Mafia stats

    Red Atlantic Cruise - Coordinator of Russian spies (town with additional win conditions) - survived and won
    SpongeBob Squarepants Season 100 - Mrs Puff (town)- survived and won
    X-Mafia - Mystique (wolf) - survived and won
    Midwest Mafia - wolf - survived and won
    Harry Potter Werewolf - Albus Dumbledore (town) - killed night two for being the Seer - won
    Crazy Idea - Survivor Seer - horribly murdered by Valmark,
    Xihirli and Lord Athos for no particular reason night one - lost
    Evil Villains Werewolf - Evil Mastermind (narrator) - died night zero - had no win condition
    Beware of Bites - Redempted Cultist (town) - survived and won
    Jellicle Ball - Silhouette (town) - killed night one for failing at crazy plans - won
    Dungeons & Doppelgangers - Wizard (town) - survived and won
    Witch Hunt - Martyr (town) - left because of IRL stuff - technically won but not counted in my stats
    Percy Jackson Mafia - Child of Iris Ariadne Aphrodite (wolf) - surrendered day five due to being utterly screwed - lost
    Craziest Idea Mafia - Serial Killer Spy - executed/drank poisoned wine day four due to being an outed SK - lost
    Afterlife - ghost (town) - killed night two for never being partnered with the flipped wolf - lost
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    I have returned.

    Werewolf games won: 8
    Werewolf games lost: 4
    Games as town: 7
    Games as neutral: 2
    Games as wolf: 3
    Games narrated: 1
    Deaths: 6

    I have no clue what Iím doing, but you still shouldn't trust me.

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