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    R2T19: The Flycatcher scans the area before locking on to Dravano. "I count nine of them, but kill this Bastard!" he shouts using both senses of the term while trying to drive Dravano out of the darkness at swordpoint. He stabs Dravano in his left gastroc muscle in his calf for 27, dropping him.

    R2T18: Green runs across and opens the door to the west, shouting a warning in Infernal.

    R2T16: Erasmus steps towards the eastern wall, fumbling in the dark. Yellow tries to get a cheap shot on him, but has to adjust because of Dravano's sudden fall. As luck would have it, yellow pulls a muscle for 4 STR with a loud cry of pain. Erasmus continues slowly south and gets to the edge of the darkness. Enough that he stabs red/blue in the right upper arm for 11. "Continue south!" he calls. "There's a pocket down here where the darkness isn't."

    R2T15: Janiven takes Erasmus' advice and does that, drawing her wakizashi as she goes. Red-blue attacks her, but Janiven was already defensive with her blade, and has a better sixth sense for danger then the rest of you.

    R2T14: Brown steps forward and grazes Erasmus' neck for 4.

    R2T13: Hyrum doesn't go anywhere. Instead, he seems to concentrate. In doing so, his skull becomes massively hydroencaphalic at first .... hair grows in everywhere ... tusks grow from his ... snout? .... large enough to look dangerous. Dusha only sees a vague shadow of this as Hyrum is just inside the darkness, but Flycatcher's darkvision monochromatically catches the change. He takes out a dagger.

    R2T12-6: Yellow attacks Flycatcher, but blades deflect. Pink stabs Flycatcher in his left quad for 5. In attacking Janiven, red-blue's sword is thrown enough offline that she stabs herself in the leg for 5. Blue engages Flycatcher, but misses. Red also misses him. Purple (source of darkness) stands, but Flycatcher stabs her in the back of the right thigh for 8. Now on her feet, she stabs Flycatcher in his left hand for 11.

    R2T4: Arael, using quick little calls-and-response with Flycatcher, casts a spell on Flycatcher. It's not a healing spell, and Flycatcher doesn't know what it is.

    End Round 2, Begin Round 3 ...

    R3T22: A wolf skeleton speeds into the room and right up to Erasmus and Janiven.

    R3T21: Dusha, all that stuff that was narrated? You don't really know any of it because it takes place in the darkness beyond. You just hear a big battle raging and voices. What do you do?

    Flycatcher on deck, Green in the hole ...

    Spoiler: Battle Tracker

    Wolf Skeleton (Blue): 22.
    Dusha: 21. Protection from evil til R41T4. Mage armor.
    Flycatcher: 19. Scarlet einhander. Rapier in hand. Shield of faith til R42T4.
    * ENCOURAGING ROAR til his next turn: all allies get +2 morale bonus attack/ weapon damage rolls.
    Green (f): 18. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
    Palaveen: 17.
    Erasmus: 16.
    Janiven: 15. TD. Bow and wakizashi in hand.
    Brown (m): 14. (18:18).
    Hyrum: 13. Shield til R11T13.
    * Changed: +2 CON. Scent 30'. Gore 1d6.
    Yellow (m): 12. (18:18; 9:13 STR [pulled muscle]). Short sword in hand.
    Dravano: 11. DYING!!!
    Wolf Skeleton (Red): 11.
    Pink (f): 10. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
    Red-Blue (f): 9. (0:18). Short sword in hand. BLEED 1/ rd (Heal DC 20 stops).
    Blue (f): 8. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
    Vethamer: 7.5.
    Red (f): 7. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
    Purple (f): 6. (2:18). Used darkness.
    Arael: 4.
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