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    Miranda Julia Cortez
    Aliases: Mira, Captain/Cap
    Gender: Female
    Ancestry/Kin: Human (Earth)
    Age: 34
    Profession: Covert operative (ARC, former)
    Physical Description: Miranda stands at around 5'10", with a physique that suggests she spends a lot of time at the gym and probably has a few MMA trophies in her room. Her hair is auburn and kept half-up, her eyes are dark brown, and she has a lightly-tanned skin tone. Her wardrobe usually consists of a black tank top, light gray cargo pants, and black boots (white jacket optional).
    Personality: Miranda is the epitome of a type-A personality, taking charge of a situation amd acting quickly and decisively. In the field, this is fine; encouraged, even. In casual interactions, however, she comes off as more rude, demanding, and insensitive, especially if her initial snap judgement of the situation is wrong. Anyone who can make their way past that finds a stalwart and faithful friend waiting for them.
    Skills and Gear: She's been working as a spy for the past ten years, and has all the trappings of the position. Her leadership and fighting skills are nothing to sneeze at, either. When she's not at work, she's picked up a bit of a gardening hobby, and while she doesn't exactly have a green thumb, she can generally keep the houseplants alive. Like all ARC agents, she carries a Hotbox (see below) but doesn't have the technical skills to make anything particularly impressive with it.
    Miscellaneous: N/a

    Niklaus Irving Quire
    Aliases: Klaus, Krieger
    Gender: Male
    Ancestry/Kin: Human (Terah)
    Age: 60 (Despite only appearing to be in his late 20s)
    Profession: Covert Operative (GIN, former)
    Physical Description: Klaus stands at about 5'9" and has an around-average physique. His hair is blonde and swept back, his eyes are blue, and his skin tone is pale. The most casual attire he has is a tuxedo, complete with cufflinks and lapel decorations. He still appears to be quite youthful, something he attributes to major advances in Terahn cosmetic surgery and medicine.
    Personality: Klaus is a dangerous combination; a sociopath capable of delayed gratification. He is plenty willing and able to hurt anyone who provokes him, though he usually makes a point of waiting until their guard is down. When he isn't doing that, he's still pretty stoic; a self-described "professional of high standards". He also has a strong dislike of bullies, despite being something of one himself.
    Skills and Gear: As a spy who has been in the game for 40 years, there aren't many espionage tricks Klaus doesn't know. Naturally, he's been in his fair share of fire- and fistfights as well, and had a lot of experience beating down opponents bigger and stronger than he is. When he's not doing that, he moonlights as a tailor, mostly for himself. Like the ARC agents, Klaus carries a Hotbox and knows how to use it.
    Miscellaneous: N/a

    Dr. Eun-Jung Bu
    Aliases: Dr. Bu
    Gender: Female
    Ancestry/Kin: Human (Earth)
    Age: 27
    Profession: Covert Operative (ARC, former) and Field Research and Development (former)
    Physical Description: Eun stands at only 5'6", and is skinny enough that an observant onlooker could make out her ribs. She has black hair that's always pulled back into a ponytail, brown eyes (partly hidden by under-rimmed glasses) and a dusky skin tone. Her standard attire is a set of light blue scrubs and a white lab coat. She's never seen bare-handed and always has a pair of blue nitrile gloves on, with a dozen more on deck.
    Personality: Eun doesn't mix well with people. Not that any given person is a problem for her, but she can go into full-on shut-in mode if there are too many other people around. When she's in her element, she's a passionate, perpetually-curious woman. When she's slightly out of her element, she's something of a mood-swinger.
    Skills and Gear: If there's an established branch of science, you can be certain Eun's read (and probably written) quite a few books on the subject. Her specialties are organic chemistry and nanotechnology. Unlike other ARC agents, she has the know-how to make some truly impressive creations with her Hotbox (which, to be fair, is sort of her job). She's also a fairly good cook, if in a nontraditional sense (don't let her near the stove).
    Miscellaneous: N/a

    Vladimir Sacha Lustig
    Aliases: Vlad
    Gender: Male
    Ancestry/Kin: Human (Earth)
    Age: 35
    Profession: Covert Opertaive (ARC, former), Mechanic
    Physical Description: Vlad is a big man, standing at around 6'3" and being somewhere around 230 pounds of sheer muscle. His hair is brown and unkempt, his eyes are also brown, and he has a pale skin tone. His typical attire consists of a grease-stained red shirt and dirty jeans.
    Personality: Vlad's personality, much like himself, is very much larger-than-life. He likes to joke around with people, and is probably the most sincerely friendly spy you'll ever meet.
    Skills and Gear: Vlad's espionage experience is more incidental than anything; no deep cover or anything like that. Rather, he handles all the nitty-gritty hardware the team has to use; vehicles, comms, gadgets, and so on. He's also much smarter than he looks, able to keep up with Eun's technobabble and produce a plain English translation for onlookers. As such, his Hotbox skills are somewhat fair-to-middling, but given the size and scope of his projects, his hands-on capabilities are much more noteworthy.
    Miscellaneous: N/a

    Rose Marie Verdoyant
    Aliases: Rosie, Vee
    Gender: Female
    Ancestry/Kin: Human (Earth)
    Age: 22
    Profession: Covert Operative (ARC, former)
    Physical Description: Rose stands at a mere 5'1", with a curvy overall build. She has short black hair she lets hand free, green eyes, and a dark skin tone. Her attire is more variable than the others, but she generally stays close to a casual t-shirt and jeans combination.
    Personality: Rose is an earnest person, fun-loving and passionate about life. When she's not working, she can come off as almost child-like in terms of enthusiasm and emotional stability, but she can restrain herself well if the situation calls for it.
    Skills and Gear: Rose's big contribution to the team is getting people to like and trust her, which is (obviously) a good skillset for any spy to have. While she has a Hotbox, she's not particularly good at using it and much prefers to talk and/or sashay her way around any obstacles.
    Miscellaneous: N/a

    So what the heck is a Hotbox?
    It's a portable matter replicator, about the size of a lunch- or pencil box. The name comes from a quirk of its operation; it produces items at 200 Farenheit (~93 Celsius) and can turn radioactive if overused. The box can be filled completely with water in five minutes, producing less or more dense objects over proportionally different times. The interface is also somewhat complex, and making more than simple tools with it requires some major technical know-how.

    Galatalos Drone
    Aliases: Haia, Green, Alan 6-10, Emet-99
    Gender: None by default, but can be set by the end user.
    Ancestry/Kin: Automaton
    Age: ??
    Profession: General labor (in large numbers), personal assistant (on a personal level)
    Physical Description: When not in use, Galatalos drones resemble a grey, plastic skeleton with pistons and motors attached to their joints. However, they come equipped with an image-projecting device that can make them more closely resemble humans. Their default setting is a fair-skinned, brown-eyed, brunette woman.
    Personality: Servile and very concerned with the safety of humans, Galatalos drones will usually bond with the first human they see upon arriving in the Nexus and remain fiercely loyal to them. In contrast, they tend to have little regard for their own safety, to a point which would be suicidal if they weren't made from ultra-durable plastics. They can also come across as a little unintelligent, owing to the fact that they were never programmed to handle an environment as chaotic as the Nexus and don't naturally have the means to alter their code.
    Skills and Gear: Each drone is made from an ultra-durable plastic, comparable in strength to kevlar, and is thus very difficult to do any substantial damage to. They're also relatively light for their size (about 10 kilograms), which combined with above-human strength and agility makes them surprisingly mobile. Their cloaking device is also ripe for abuse; while none of them have this ability naturally, a skilled programmer could give them disguises that make them resemble non-human objects or even turn them outright invisible. That said, most of them are untrained in any particular area of work, and so while they have the physical capabilities to do just about anything, without guidance, expect them to do it very, very badly.
    Miscellaneous: They have a training mode which can be used to teach them new skills; however, they can't turn it on themselves, and generally advise their owners not to turn it on unless they know what they're doing. As relatively new additions to the Nexus, the number of people who qualify to train them is practically nill.

    Angela Quire
    Aliases: Angie
    Gender: Female
    Ancestry/Kin: Human (Terah)
    Age: 68
    Profession: Waitress/Server
    Physical Description: Angela stands at around 5'9", with a slightly skinny build. She has blonde hair with streaks of silver, which she usually keeps pulled back in a bun. She has a visor over her eyes; a white strip of metal with a band of lights running along the center. Her skin is pale and a little wrinkled around the eyes. When she's not waiting at The Battered Shield, she wears a grey skirt, with a white blouse and black flats.
    Personality: Angela can be the wily sort, but for the most part, she's just friendly and a little lonely. She takes a great deal of pleasure in making people happy, and usually tries to do that however she can, at significant expense to herself.
    Skills and Gear: Like most Terahns, Angela carries a Hotbox, but she seldom uses it anymore for philosophical (borderline religious) reasons. Of more note is her visual abilities; with concentration, she can read human (or human-like) minds to a limited degree. It's still somewhat unrefined, and the finer nuances of what a person's thinking can sometimes escape her.
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