R3T21: "Or we could *not*." Dusha snarls in response to Erasmus' shout. "Wandering into the dark like those looking for death is what caused half of us to find it last time! Here by the door they at least don't have their numbers." Still, she reached out and put a hand on the back of the porcine shadow in front of her. "I will follow you," she murmurs, "assuming you at least can see in this murk."

"Not at all," mutters Hyrum.

R3T19: Flycatcher, what do you do?

Enemies on deck and in the hole ...

Spoiler: Battle Tracker

Wolf Skeleton (Blue): 22.
Dusha: 21. Protection from evil til R41T4. Mage armor. READIED to move if Hyrum does.
Flycatcher: 19. Scarlet einhander. Rapier in hand. Shield of faith til R42T4.
* ENCOURAGING ROAR til his next turn: all allies get +2 morale bonus attack/ weapon damage rolls.
Green (f): 18. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Palaveen: 17.
Erasmus: 16.
Janiven: 15. TD. Bow and wakizashi in hand.
Brown (m): 14. (18:18).
Hyrum: 13. Shield til R11T13.
* Changed: +2 CON. Scent 30'. Gore 1d6.
Yellow (m): 12. (18:18; 9:13 STR [pulled muscle]). Short sword in hand.
Dravano: 11. DYING!!!
Wolf Skeleton (Red): 11.
Pink (f): 10. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Red-Blue (f): 9. (0:18). Short sword in hand. BLEED 1/ rd (Heal DC 20 stops).
Blue (f): 8. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Vethamer: 7.5.
Red (f): 7. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Purple (f): 6. (2:18). Used darkness.
Arael: 4.