Hola all,

As many of you know, there are a lot of things about D&D 5e that I love, and am trying to adapt for a more Classic-level (BXECMI/ OSR) game. Dis/advantage is a definite, as is the magic (spell-slot) system.

One of the things I like, and would also like to adapt, is the proficiency system. In 5e, each character gets a proficiency bonus based on his/her level. Level 1-4 get a +2; 5-8 get +3; 9-12 get +4; 13-16 get +5; and 17-20 get +6. Classes are proficient with certain weapons, skills, and attributes, and the proficiency bonus is added to all proficient attack rolls, skill rolls, attribute checks and saving throws (which are attribute-based).

I really like how this on single, simple mechanic drives so much of the game; and I think it would make things flow a lot more smoothly than constantly looking up tables or calculating THAC0. There are issues: higher level characters really never get any better than 1st level characters with non-proficient weapons, skills and saves; and fighters really aren't any better than other characters with the same proficient weapons. I know there are ways around these, and am looking into those as well (like giving a fighter-type an additional +1 for attacks).

How/do you think such a mechanic might be best adapted for a more Classic-level game? I'm considering dropping the bonus by 1 at each tier (so 1-5 instead of 2-6). And/or spreading each tier out to 5 levels instead of 4 (so +1 to +4 bonus). I'm also considering how it might work with BECMI's 36 levels. A 36th level character could end up with a +7 bonus; is that game-breaking?

Please share your thoughts?