R3T19: The Flycatcher fakes to one side to draw a reaction from the darkened tiefling. The moment an opening appears, he sends a wild stab at them and draws some of their life force into himself. He steps carefully to the east, not willing to risk his back to the Bastards' blades. Purple falls, and Flycatcher gets 8 healing. Also in an odd twist, she fell forward onto the item she had darkened, and in doing so obscures the darkness field as surely as someone hiding a magically lit dagger with a cloak!

R3T18: Green moves forward to Janiven and stabs at her wildly.

R3T17: Remember the spellcasting bossman from before? Dusha might not have seen him, but I know Flycatcher did. Well, he enters from the door to the west. He casts a spell, with a faint warm glow around the fallen Dravano, though no actual visible healing.

R3T16: Erasmus steps north out of the flank he was in. He attacks the wolf skeleton, making up for the type of weapon he wields against the bony creature by putting as much power forward as possible. The thing practically explodes from impact, disappearing in a scorch mark.

R3T15: Janiven maintains a defensive stance, surrounded as she is. She attacks green twice, with the first attack deflected by armor and the second missing before she steps after Erasmus.

R3T14: Brown (male) tries to fake out Janiven and stabs but it is blocked.

R3T13: So, the first thing that should be noted is that Hyrum's body is ... Hyrum's .... but is head is now that of a hideous, gray-furred boar with big tusks! He steps in ... with Dusha following ... and with his dagger performs a coup de grace on Dravano the Digger!

R3T12-7: Yellow stabs at Flycatcher and steps back with their pulled muscle. Another wolf skeleton rushes in to attack Janiven. Pink steps forward to attack Flycatcher. Red-blue takes 1 bleed, and that is enough for them to drop. Blue steps in, standing over Dravano, to engage Janiven. The amber tiefling from before also enters after their leader, and casts a spell at the boar-headed man, but the boar-headed man is too stubborn to be controlled. Red steps up, straddling the fallen tiefling Flycatcher dispatched, stabbing Arael in his right hand for 5.

R3T4: Arael puts his sword into his shield hand and concentrates, but not with prayer to Iomedae. Instead, it is unknown words to unknown spirits. Unfortunately, it seems his concentration fails him as his spell fizzles.

End Round 3, Begin Round 4 ...

Flycatcher, what do you do?

Enemies on deck and in the hole ...

Spoiler: Battle Tracker

Flycatcher: 19. Scarlet einhander. Rapier in hand. Shield of faith til R42T4.
Green (f): 18. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Palaveen: 17.
Erasmus: 16. RS.
Janiven: 15. DS. Bow and wakizashi in hand.
Brown (m): 14. (18:18).
Dusha: 1e.5. Protection from evil til R41T4. Mage armor.
Hyrum: 13. Shield til R11T13.
* Changed: +2 CON. Scent 30'. Gore 1d6.
Yellow (m): 12. (18:18; 9:13 STR [pulled muscle]). Short sword in hand.
Wolf Skeleton (Red): 11.
Pink (f): 10. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Red-Blue (f): 9. (-1:18). Short sword in hand. BLEED 1/ rd (Heal DC 20 stops). DYING!!!
Blue (f): 8. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Vethamer: 7.5.
Red (f): 7. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Arael: 4.

Tiefling rogue (1). Dravano the Digger.