R5T19: The Flycatcher tries to get Red to over extend again so he can finish her off. She seems to canny for the halfling's footwork, but he is still accurate enough to stab her in the upper right arm for 6, the shock and speed of which is enough to drop her. Unfortunately, he spent too much focus on his feint attempt, and can't step into where she fell.

R5T18: Green fails to fake out Janiven and that led to a very poor attack.

R5T17: The leader goes over to the woman that Flycatcher just dropped, touching a healing wand to her for 2. She is still unconscious.

R5T16: Erasmus concentrates and casts a spell on himself for protection.

R5T15: Janiven steps away from Erasmus - and out of being flanked. She uses deceptive swordwork and then stabs Brown below the right shoulder where the upper part of the lung is for 13.

R5T14: Brown tries to return the favor. His fakeout is brilliant. His attack? Less so, as he pulls a muscle for 3 STR.

R5T13.5: Dusha, what do you do?

Enemies on deck and in the hole, Hyrum delaying ...

Spoiler: Battle Tracker

Flycatcher: 19. Scarlet einhander. Rapier in hand.
Green (f): 18. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Palaveen: 17.
Erasmus: 16. Shield of faith til R35T16.
Janiven: 15. RS. Bow and wakizashi in hand.
Brown (m): 14. (5:18, 10:13 STR [pulled muscle]).
Dusha: 13.5. Protection from evil til R41T4. Mage armor.
Hyrum: 13. Shield til R11T13. DELAYING!!!
* Changed: +2 CON. Scent 30'. Gore 1d6.
Yellow (m): 12. (18:18; 9:13 STR [pulled muscle]). Short sword in hand.
Wolf Skeleton (Red): 11.
Pink (f): 10. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Red-Blue (f): 9. (-3:18). Short sword in hand. BLEED 1/ rd (Heal DC 20 stops). DYING!!!
Blue (f): 8. (-4:18). Short sword in hand. STABLE!!!
Vethamer: 7.5.
Red (f): 7. (-1:18). Short sword in hand. STABLE!!
Arael: 4.

Tiefling rogue (1). Dravano the Digger.