So here I am providing the best feedback I can with no understanding of the rules. (I also somehow completely forgot about A-C, so I have nothing to say on them.)

On Zero-G: Only hiccup is I did not immediately realise that braced and out-of-control are not opposites. Maybe give not braced but still in control a name, say floating, controlled or stable. But I figured that out a few lines later and everything else seems to be at a consistent level of detail.

On Characters: Maybe use the actual section names instead of the numbers. Otherwise I think some additional formatting would help, put that is a pretty good spread of characters. I think the system is uniform enough (or perhaps the opposite) that between the combat and social examples you have roughly laid out how to be good at something, you got the generalist and a couple counter examples. Seems like a good spread. I guess you could consider moving some of the general advice to character creation directly but a pointer from there to here would avoid bloat for those who just want to see the rules. Do you have reference to the appendices in the main text already?

On Warp: This is actually a very clever addition. I haven't double checked the math but everything seems good. This one I think could be really trimmed down because I think you don't need the explanation of the math in the middle. Maybe I'm miss-judging but between those who don't care about the math and those who would do it themselves, you could just say the name of the distribution, show (but don't explain) the math for each case and then elaborate on the result. Disclaimer: I've done work on my own dice mechanics before so I might be a bit of an outlier. The on other hand is there anything you can say about once a warp effect happens how bad it is likely to be. That is an honest question I have completely forgotten.

On Explosions: I just had trouble following these. Maybe you could open with the results and then explain them, or at least highlight the bit at the end that has the concrete advice. Also in the "tuf" table there are rows with two "=>" and I'm not sure what everything to the right of those. I also have trouble with the buildings/cover table, the destroyed entries seem pretty clear but I'm not sure why they are mixed with 50% entries and only some of those reduce ap. On a less practical note the fact that this section exists makes me very happy for some reason.