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    Default Re: [Let's Read] Dungeons the Dragoning 40,000 7th ed. v1.6

    Thanks. Book 1 is done, I'm only occasionally adding annotations or removing or changing a number or two. Latest hasn't been uploaded and don't recall if the last link (4ish note adding sessions ago) is still live. I replaced like a 20-30 page terrible "example of play" and then added another 20-30 pages. All appendices.

    Book 1 has to stand alone. I mentioned book 2 but didn't reference it. Also didn't know if I'd be adding pages in book 2 so couldn't be sure of page numbers.

    And... family interrupt lost train of thought more later maybe. But thanks.

    Edit: ok, couple days later.

    A little clarify early in zg combat.

    More explain of warp threats and a % compare of auto roller vs book tables (need search back in this thread, I did one of those).

    Recheck and maybe more comments in character gen in book 1 - also I recall there is some char gen advice in the dice probability & setting TM appendix in book 1, maybe. Labels instead of numbers, page refs for stuff.

    Another pass on orbital bombardment. Less math, more labels on the tables. The "tuf" thing is because dmg/resil = wounds so you can hp*resil = dmg, but people die from crits. I don't normally worry in most combats for most nameless enemies, they definite go runner at 0 hp and down on the next hit. But technially people die from crit effects, and for the E & X crits potential death effects happen 5/10 hit locations at crit 3 & 8 or 9 /10 for crit 4. So there's a sort of "almost negative hp" where people get broken limbs & KOs but survive. So a resil 4, hp 4, normal takes 16 dmg to hit 0 hp and another 12 dmg to get crit 3, meaning a 28 dmg hit to 50% kill a normal non-combatant peasant.
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