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Thread: Villainous Competition XL Negative Nancy

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    Entry Competitor Description Score 1 Total Placing
    Nandag, the Soul Reaver GreatWrymGold 16.4 16.4 GOLD
    Hecate, the Black Queen 3SecondCultist 16 16 SILVER
    Creeping Ghoulification loky1109 15.4 15.4 BRONZE
    Sibuna GreatWrymGold 14 14 4th
    [url=]Xisairroilth the Kraken's Barber[/url] loky1109 13.9 13.9 5th

    i have a busy week, but i'll try to get a new round up no later than this weekend. patience is appreciated.

    congrats to the medalists, I don't *think* there is a HM this round, although voting is open until the new round is posted, or if i'm mistaken, kindly point it out, life has been *interesting* lately...
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