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Thread: Werewolf/Mafia: Percy Jackson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    EDIT: Oh, I see BatCatHat has actually confessed to faking their claim. So that... Libro gets pretty big town points in my eyes for doing their town duties whether or not BatCatHat ends up being a wolf.
    I won't try to convince anyone, but when I die and flip neutral, you should probably at least consider the possibility of Libro being a wolfy Athena child and my stupid ass giving a great opportunity to build town cred with little or no risk.

    Not saying it must be like that, but at least keep it in mind.


    Quote Originally Posted by totadileplayz View Post
    The fact they admitted to fake claiming doesn't exactly help their case, as I believe it is far more reasonable for a neutral to claim neutral then to get in this mess In the first place. As such I felt that the best choice was batcathat.
    Yeah, I can see that now. Lesson learned, at least.
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