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Fun idea, but probably not feasible.

There's 21 players. 1 of which is probably the vote-manip Child of Apollo. Let's hope they claimed to Apogee.
10 of us vote Batcathat.
10 of us vote someone else. I would lean Libro, but I guess he's basically town-vetted since batcathat suggested he's lying... so... Valmark had some heat and Xi asked to be lynched, so maybe one of them? Or we vote on whoever the most inactive (flat_footed or BookWombat) voted, since they might not be able to change their vote. Oh, and those both voted for rogue_alchemist, so that's easy.
Child of Apollo votes a third party.

If all goes as planned:
-EmmyNecromancer fixes the tie to lynch Batcathat. She maybe exits the game. We presumably get a wolf.
-Child of Apollo gets verified as his Role. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.
Even if Batcathat is a wolf and a scumbuddy wants to not play ball to save him, they really can't because doing so would get them lynched D2. If we agree to this, everyone has to play ball.

I loathe changing my vote so many times, but rogue_alchemistto try to make this feasible.
But I really doubt we'll get enough agreement to go this route. I understand folk want to get the wolf dead and not risk it to a possible-Neutral or (if she's lying) a coinflip.
That is not at all what I'm suggesting.

11 of us vote BatCat
10 of us vote Emmy

Apogee makes sure that the person who claims being doublevoter is on Emmy.

If Emmy has the ability as her Neutral to decide ties, she will pick for BatCat to die.
Everyone knows that the doublevoter was on Emmy.

If Emmy is lying, then it goes to a coinflip between two claimed Neutrals including an Emmy who lied.

If the doublevoter lies and is voting Emmy anyway, same scenario as above. If doublevoter lies and is voting BatCat then BatCat dies.

I don't see how there's a downside?