R6T13.5: Quickly becoming surrounded by swords and teeth aiming to spill her guts on the ground, Dusha takes another swipe at the dog while worrying at her rags. Some of the energy of the spell goes into the wolf as Dusha backs up until she has a back against the wall.

R6T13: Now with a space to go, Hyrum takes a drink of something and then his muscles enlarge and grow and he becomes even more monstrous as he hulks forward.

R6T12-8: Yellow attacks Hyrum and fails. The wolf skeleton turns to run and Janiven tries to leap upon it to end it but makes a catastrophic failure as she knocks herself unconscious! Hyrum's gore succeeds where Janiven may have just accidentally killed the party, as the gore smashes into the wolf skeleton for 7 mod, though not enough to destroy it as it disappears through the door to the west. Pink fails to strike Erasmus.

R6T7.5: The amber tiefling casts a spell towards Hyrum and calls out, "Don't attack me!" before he moves south and then hooks north to be by Dusha. "Nobody else attack the pig-man!"

Hyrum's porcine head snorts, but it is unknown just what that means.

R6T7: Red tries to stand. Erasmus stabs her for 12, and she slumps back to the ground. Arael also struck her at the same time, killing her.

R6T4: Seeing Janiven in grave peril, Arael concentrates for a spell but to his horror the spell fails. So, he brave the gauntlet and heads to Janiven to try and protect her from those who might try to cut her throat. The tiefling rogues miss him but the leader's morningstar catches Arael in the upper right leg fully for 12.

End Round 6, Begin Round 7 ...

R7T19: Flycatcher, what do you do?

Green on deck, Leader in the hole ...

Spoiler: Battle Tracker

Flycatcher: 19. Scarlet einhander. Rapier in hand.
Green (f): 18. (18:18). Short sword in hand.
Palaveen: 17.
Erasmus: 16. Shield of faith til R35T16.
Janiven: 15. RS. Bow and wakizashi on ground. UNCONSCIOUS til R10T11 (may make DC 20 Will save at beginning of each round to end early).
Brown (m): 14. (-7:18, 10:13 STR [pulled muscle]).
Dusha: 13.5. Protection from evil til R41T4. Mage armor. Chill touch held in hand (2 touches).
Hyrum: 13. Shield til R11T13. STR Mutagen active for 10 min. CHARMED by Vethamer!
* Changed: +2 CON. Scent 30'. Gore 1d6.
Yellow (m): 12. (18:18; 9:13 STR [pulled muscle]). Short sword in hand. DEAFENED for 1 hour! AOO used.
Wolf Skeleton (Red): 11. (9:16). PANICKED for til R11T13.5!!!
Pink (f): 10. (18:18). Short sword in hand. DEAFENED for 1 hour! AOO used.
Red-Blue (f): 9. (-7:18). Short sword in hand. BLEED 1/ rd (Heal DC 20 stops). DYING!!!
Blue (f): 8. (-4:18). Short sword in hand. STABLE!!!
Vethamer: 7.5.
Arael: 4.

Tiefling rogue (2). Dravano the Digger.