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    Sill Nemic
    "God, I miss the field."

    Gender: Female, She/Her
    Species: Catgirl
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Sill is a fair-skinned catlady with shortish brown hair in something of a bob and keen grey-green eyes. She is of fairly average height and rather lithe. She dresses pretty uninterestingly out of habit.
    Abilities: Sill is an accomplished assassin and clandestine agent with a particular skill at garroting, as well as at stealth and flying under the radar. She is athletic and acrobatic, flexible to the point of contortionism. She is well-versed in general Vulpanian Agency protocol.
    History: Immigrating to Vulpania as an orphan in her youth, Sill's life improved in her new home and she threw herself into serving king and country. Her aptitudes led her into the Royal Clandestine Agency, where she became an accomplished operative with a track record for assassinations… and then, some way or another, her cover got blown and she was flying a desk... annnnnd then came the circus.
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