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    Default Re: How well does 4e handle minions/ followers?

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    From what I hear (I started playing with 3E and never played earlier editions), companions and hirelings were really common (almost expected) in early editions, but the need to pay them kept you from bringing too many. Noncombat hirelings generally got paid a flat amount based on what skills they provided and combat characters got either a share (for those who were roughly on par with a PC) or a half share (for those who are notably weaker).
    Having henchmen and hirelings was more or less necessary for survival at low level; early D&D parties were expected to be relatively large compared to assumptions in 3e-5e. You are correct that they were paid mostly with a share of treasure, although not necessarily an equal share, that was something you negotiated when you hired them. Also, you were expected to pay for their funerals and give their property to their next of kin, but that didn't' happen much.

    Since the game could be pretty lethal, they had a significant secondary function as as replacement characters. I ran a Village of Hommlet conversion (a faithful conversation, not the nerfed official conversion) which is pretty deadly. With hirelings the party got up to 9-10 characters, and by the end of the Moathouse dungeon there had been five fatalities. I'm pretty sure 60% of the PCs who started the adventure weren't in the party that finished it.
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