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    Sir Kyrie (of Redmont)
    Aliases: -
    Gender: Male
    Ancestry/Kin: Strigoi
    Age: 37
    Profession: Knight Errant, Bouncer
    Physical Description: Kyrie resembles an anthropomorphic wolf, in the worst possible sense; he stands at around 5'9", his spine bent unnaturally into an upright position. His matted fur is a light brown with deep red splotches, mostly around the mouth and neck area. His eyes are gold and constantly in motion, making him look like he's easily distracted. He has a set of short, pointed teeth, which appear to be poorly-kempt. Despite his overall wolf-like appearance, he doesn't have a tail.
    Personality: Kyrie is an honorable, if impatient man, but people who meet him aren't likely to be able to pick up on that quickly due to culture shock. He seems to struggle at times with his dual nature; the pious man who wants nothing but peace for his fellows, and the savage beast that wants to tear his fellows to pieces. As such, he can be a bit cranky at times.
    Skills and Gear: Kyrie carries all of his gear from home; a full suit of armor, a broadsword, and a cracked shield bearing the symbol of his house, all wrought from some kind of enchanted silver. These aren't just for show; Kyrie is a formidable swordsman, noted for his ferocity. If that weren't enough, he seems to have some form of healing factor, able to recover from mortal wounds in a matter of a few hours.
    Miscellaneous: He sunburns easily. Because he is a vampire.

    Braon Hexenborne
    Aliases: Misery, Bronntanas Lesserwood
    Gender: Female
    Ancestry/Kin: Fiendling
    Age: 23
    Profession: Vagrant, Crazy Nightmare Lady
    Physical Description: Braon stands at around 5'8" (5'9" if you count the horns), has pale skin, long, dark brown hair, and a set of violet-tinted eyes. She's usually dressed in mismatched leather armor, with a sea-green cloak draped over her shoulders. Her teeth and nails are both unnaturally pointed.
    Personality: Mischievous and attention-seeking, Braon takes delight in causing as much trouble as she can. She has a particular dislike for nobility, other tieflings, and men, and given the opportunity, would prefer to target them. Despite this, she's usually not especially malicious... just careless.
    Skills and Gear: Braon doesn't have any gear worth noting, but her enchanting skills are formidable. Essentially, she can graft a part of her essence onto items or people, and in doing so give them magical properties (and a touch of her personality while she's at it).
    Miscellaneous: -

    Owena Ty-Maldwyn
    Aliases: -
    Gender: Female
    Ancestry/Kin: Strigoi
    Age: 17
    Profession: Student
    Physical Description: She's tall, at around 5'10", and built a little spindly. She has raven black hair which is pulled back into an ornate series of braids, topped with a celtic-style headdress made from interwoven leather bands. Her eyes are brown, and her skin is pale. The rest of her attire consists of a floor-length silk robe, which is a midnight blue color with intricate silver patterns. She also wears a gold necklace which glows softly in the dark.
    Personality: As the oldest known living member of House Maldwyn, Owena tries to be the most responsible of her siblings. She doesn't always succeed, owing mostly to a lack of confidence. That aside, she has ambitions to become a historian and greatly enjoys the consumption of culture, both from her own Maesdan lineage and from foreign sources.
    Skills and Gear: She has no gear to speak of, but is an accomplished sorceress despite her tender-ish age. Her spells usually take the form of a blue bolt of energy which physically manipulates the world around her, quite visibly in most cases. That aside, she has an extensive library at home which covers a lot of lore, and she's read and retained most of it.
    Miscellaneous: Like Kyrie, she burns up quickly in sunlight.

    Siana Ty-Maldwyn
    Aliases: -
    Gender: Female
    Ancestry/Kin: Strigoi
    Age: 15
    Profession: Student
    Physical Description: Siana stands at 5'4" and has an athletic build. Her hair is shoulder-length and raven-black, her skin is ivory-colored, and her eyes are brown. Her left leg is heavily deformed; it's been like that since birth. She tends to wear frilly silk shirts that might remind one of adventures on the high seas, black britches with a brace for her gimpy leg, and knee-length leather boots. She carries a birch wood cane on her at all times, which has a blade hidden in it for her use.
    Personality: Siana is every bit as adventurous as she looks, always sticking her nose wherever there's something interesting to be found. On the flip side, she's also incredibly, sometimes painfully na´ve, which can get her into trouble when mixed with a bout of curiosity. She also believes wholeheartedly in the Maesdan code of chivalry and is likely to quote it when explaining herself.
    Skills and Gear: Despite her infirmity, Siana is a competent fencer, using her sword-cane to forge a unique style that usually catches her opponents off-guard. She pursues this, among other martial arts, quite obsessively, and while she's good at it, her skill at nearly anything else is somewhat lacking.
    Miscellaneous: She also burns up quickly in sunlight.

    Arthfael Ty-Maldwyn
    Aliases: -
    Gender: Male
    Ancestry/Kin: Strigoi
    Age: 13
    Profession: Student
    Physical Description: Arthfael shares the Ty-Maldwyn family traits of raven-black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. He stands at a mere 5'0". Unlike his sisters, who look like they've walked out of fantasy and adventure novels respectively, Arthfael tends to dress more casually, usually in a t-shirt, jeans, and loafers.
    Personality: Arthfael usually comes across as arrogant and unpleasant, though he tends to mellow out a little when dealing with people he knows well. These both ultimately come down to insecurity; he's not very confident and tries to cover it up by keeping people at arm's length. Despite this, he really has a sensitive nature... he just doesn't do a good job of showing it.
    Skills and Gear: He's too young to be too terribly skilled at anything, but he does show a bit of a talent for music and art... though not nearly as much as he seems to think he shows.
    Miscellaneous: Guess what his tolerance for sunlight is.

    The Maesdan Code of Chivalry (because where else was I going to put it?)
    I: To thy Lord and Lady be faithful, in all things. No law shall be higher than this.
    II: In all things be earnest; let no false words fall from thy tongue nor false gifts from thy hands.
    III: In all thy dealings, pledge thy whole heart to thy actions, so that thou may stand resolute or be moved wholly.
    IV: Share freely what is thine, from thy coin to thy talent.
    V: Bear thee always the burden of gladness; for thy kin, bear it again.
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