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    Default Re: What are technologies that a time traveler could easily introduce to ancient time

    Quote Originally Posted by Accelerator View Post
    I'm afraid not. You see, with the total lack of anything resembling mechanization, everything has to be powered by muscles. And you know what happens when you're too poor to get an animal? You get human muscles. That's right. From dragging water to digging a hole to harvesting crops, all of them have to be done by muscle power.

    Peasants didn't have many children because they were just boinking like rabbits (ok fine, maybe they were. Not like they had cable tv). It was because each child was the equivalent of taking a loan for a combine harvester. Farming was hard work, and with all the labour requirements and child death rate, you needed more. What's more, with the lack of social safety nets, your social safety net was your family.

    More children = more safety.
    Isn't that a pyramid scheme?

    I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but assuming that the same will apply to each of those children once they themselves grow up I'm pretty sure that that's either a ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme.
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