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In the Hall

Cantata comes to a sudden halt as she notices Kirk, the loose fabric of her blouse swaying for a moment as one of her brows arches quizzically. She raises her left index and then stretches four fingers out in a crisp motion, before extending two on her right and pressing the thumb to her left palm. She turns them from 3 o'clock to 12, almost as if winding a clock in reverse.

Quarterly review, the woman clarifies through her phone after a couple of seconds, should Kirk not seem able to parse her signs. The saboteur plays it calm, studying Kirk with an unassuming gaze - but he can still pick up on the way her body tenses, the subtle glances around him as if looking for a way to slip past. Cantata's not frightened, but she's definitely a little uneasy.
[In the Hall]

"Right." Kirk does require her to use her phone. Of course he doesn't mention that he's been teaching himself sign language. He levels a stare at her for what just starts getting awkward. "How do you feel you've performed?" He asks, oddly conversationally.