"I know what you're probably thinking," Reassa says, raising one hand, palm toward the sky. "How did she learn my name? Did she steal it? Am I in danger?"

As she speaks she slowly closes her fingers.

"No, you aren't. I just know how to use these-"

She points to the fox-ears suddenly sticking off the top of her head.

"I've followed you around a bit. Listened to other speaking with you. Got to know you. My kind are shameless voyeurs, I've got to admit."


Those fox ears are gone now, too.

"And no, no. I'm not here to ask about royalty. I'm here to ask MERC to do a job for me," she continues. Then adds with a coy smile. "And I like you, so I'm asking you. There is a location in Outside called The Ossuary. As the name suggests it is a place of rest for the dead. There will be a contingent of employees from LFW Labor Solutions traveling there to collect raw materials. I would like it if MERC prevented them from disturbing the dead by any means you and your co-workers see fit to employ."