"I would rather be forthright about my personal vices," Reassa replies with an airy laugh. "I can't imagine that would be a reason to turn the job down, since the money will be good."

She holds out an plain manila envelope for Krayger to take.

"Those documents specify the time and place for the supply run, which direction they'll be coming from, the sorts of guards, spells, and equipment they'll employ. Everything MERC should need to prepare a tactical assessment of the situation and provide me with an estimate for the cost of the job. I already had some associates of mine run the numbers and I included an opening offer that I think your superiors will find sufficiently generous."

That's certainly nice of her.

She's doing a good bit of the legwork for them.

Then there comes that airy laugh again.

"Heehee, Miss Olivia Lichman. Don't worry about it, that's a common mistake. With a name like that, considering the position, most people assume Lichman is withered, corpse-like old man. Far from it. Olivia used some ethically dubious applications of necromancy to maintain her youthful appearance."

Another reason why the kumiho doesn't feel bad about eating her heart.

"What is it you wanted to request? Is this a personal favor, of business?"