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    Default Re: Properties of void outside the universe*?

    Quote Originally Posted by Quizatzhaderac View Post
    Well, that's kind of the definition of outside the observable universe: the observable universe ends where you stop being able to know those things.

    The prevailing philosophy (Copernican principle) is that we should assume what we can see typical. This is not to say identical, for example there was a famous statistic that the typical family had 2.4 children, but obvious no actual family has 2.4 children; the number varies and you should expect it to find variable numbers of children as you see new, normal families.

    So going back to permittivity and permeability of free space. Do these numbers vary ever, even in the slightest? Our understanding is no, so we expect the unobservable universe to have these same values.
    Yes the current (common) theory is that things are fundamentally the same in every direction, infinitely. We just can't "see that far" because light from there has not reached us yet.

    You can imagine that we are on the surface of a baloon that gets inflated since the big bang. The question "where on the surface did the big bang/inflation begin/happen?" is for the baloon: Everywhere on the surface at the same time.
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