Player Character Build Image
RCGothic Tali Summers Human Sorcerer (exposed to awful)
Starbuck_II Mong Ufbad Half-Orc skald/bloodrager (Child Crusade)
zeone3000 Raizius Delius Human Magus (Stolen Fury)
Cyclopean Tragmok Khut Half-Orc Bloodrager 2 (Stolen Fury)
Spore Leonius Caela Telum Aasimar Cleric (touched by divinity)
Novabomb Kel Vas Human Cavalier/Inspiring Commander (Child Crusade)
u-b Gashur Half-Orc barbarian/ranger (Stolen Fury)
Shadowflick Markus Dedala Human Medium (Stolen Fury)
Khosan Linnea Redhammer Dwarf Warpriest (stolen fury)
In4Dimensions Seira Santor Aasimar Inquisitor (Child Crusade)
The Hellbug Olivier Dubergue Unchained Rogue (Spy)
(Chance Encounter)

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