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    As the party proceeds down the tunnel, the wind is fairly steady most of the time, but it suddenly surges to a tremendous speed, sweeping most of the party off their feet and causing people to smash into the side of the tunnel.

    This happens once more after you pass the cavern.

    OOC: (2d10)[8] damage, Reflex half DC 22; DR applies
    (2d10)[10] damage, Reflex half DC 22; DR applies

    There is nothing of note even 100' past the cavern, but as you explore about another 100' further, you discover a side tunnel that branches off from the main tunnel. The side tunnel leads to a closed and decorated stone door much like the one that led into the library.

    Spoiler: Ash
    With Mindsight you detect a great many aberrations of animal intelligence (2) beyond the doorway. It must be some kind of swarm.
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