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Thread: Wrath of Righteous AP (PF 1e) Reboot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spore View Post
    I'll bet five gold pieces to an adaptable reach weapon seeing the long spear and Step Up feats on their sheet. I would personally just try a (bladed) gauntlet for whomever comes too close. Unarmed attacks like kicks or natural weapons are options, but don't marry well into your concept unless you can convince DrK to give you Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat (which might be a feasible answer since Irori focusses very much on order).

    And such ideas seem fine in a homebrew game, or with downtime and a weapons crafter/wizard. But for published adventures it is often both the most feasible thing to play with standard-ish weapons, since there will be no upgrades to an exotic weapon style unless the DM permits a magic mart. Kenabres is a large city, but it should still just have its quest rewards plus the two dozen or so items from the DMG table.

    An extreme example would be the Holy Avenger for Paladins. Technically a Greatsword is the superior weapon choice for almost all melee combatants. But there are so many prewritten cool longswords (Flametongue, Luck Blade, Crusader's Longsword, Inheritor's Light, Pactseeker's Blade, etc.) that it really helps to maybe downgrade your weapon die in order to enjoy cool effects.
    Close! Reach weapon yes, adaptable no. Adaptable is kinda stupid to have on a custom weapon unless your character is a tinkerer or something, otherwise it feels out of place IMO. Honestly, I wanted to give my character a cool inherited/family weapon, but none of the simple weapons were exactly what I had in mind. Itís really not an issue, though; thereís nothing wrong with a standard longspear. I still think Inquisitors should get more proficiencies though lol
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