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The Loki thread has once again forgotten that it is the Loki thread.
That is the "beauty" I mean cosmic-horror, of the MCU.

It is such a convoluted threads of Easter Eggs moving you to the next thing, with poor Act 3s in a 3 act structure, that we do not care for we move onto the next one. An audience trained on bathos, the anti-climax, jokes who yearn for greatness and just not land and we laugh at them not landing, likewise the endings that never land. Stories about bad dads, where the kids of bad dads become a laughable hero.

This in turn creates a cycle of people who have seen one thing talking about another thing for there is always something more to talk about. We as viewers never stay in the moment, never stay in a single story, for if we did we realize each individual story is boring, but when combine those threads form a tapestry of a cosmic horror