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    Default Re: Talk How colossally dumb Dorukan was [Untagged SoD spoilers]

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    Hurts, maybe. But it doesn't do any damage. In fact, he reacts about as much to having a grenade planted on him, or Iron Man bombarding him with missiles.

    In the end he calls it out. For all their attacks, for all the explosions, guns, fancy magic, and physical might, they only manage to draw a single drop of blood. That's the only actual injury we see him take.
    The fact that during all that he's using the magic glove that redacts reality and that one of the first magic glowing rocks he gets is the one that makes you more powerful has nothing to do with that, I'm sure.

    Also if it hurts, it did damage. That's what pain is, the body reacting to damage.

    Edit: Hell, remember how he captures Gamora? He uses an illusion to make her thinks she's killed him. By stabbing him with that little letter opener he gave her. And she bought it. If you ask Thanos' daughter, he dies when you stab him with a knife.
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