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    Default Re: Talk How colossally dumb Dorukan was [Untagged SoD spoilers]

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    Yup. It was hitting Mantis that hurt him. Even movie Thanos laughs off blasts to the face.
    I don't think it was as much hurting him as waking him up to the world outside of the trance Mantis had induced, which, be fair, the best hypnotist in the world is going to have a tough time keeping their client entranced if someone is also whacking them about the head and shoulders.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    Is there context in the movies such that it seems less ridiculous?
    Essentially it was played that, like a D&D spellcaster, he had to make somatic gestures to get the effects he wanted, not just think them into happening; probably connected to the fact that the gems were in a gauntlet. If only he had made an Infinity Headband. (But then, instead of shriveling his arm when it was used, the results would have been inflicted on his head, so that might have been a factor to consider.) I have read that it wasn't quite like that in the comic, but I don't know firsthand.

    The rule "works" in the context of watching the movie- if every time he does something, he has to make a gesture, immobilizing his hand is a pretty good preventitive measure.
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    Also, everything Darth Paul just said.
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