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Were not saying an always evil species is incapable of good I'm saying you can do a few good things and still be evil.
The issue at hand isn't 'can evil individuals do good or vice versa?' it's "are some species biologically incapable of being good?". And what I'm telling you is that if a person can be respectful, empathetic, responsible, temperate, humble, etc, etc. that person isn't necessarily good, but that person is able to be good that person is not appropriately described as always evil.

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After all, many of the forms of prejudice we consider hideous today were actively supported by the moral paragons of societies of the past. The a Bronze Age world where it is understood that ethnic prejudice will get you consigned to the Nine Hells for all eternity looks very different from the actual Bronze Age world.

And this isn't just an intellectual exercise, it has major consequences for gameplay. If the game setting produces a bunch of quasi-medieval cultures that are all 'evil' due to applying modern standards to a decidedly non-modern context, then any party of 'good' PCs is fundamentally obligated to act in opposition to their homes cultures and frankly just about any culture they encounter. This is a difficult proposition and it verges on grimdark since every conflict is gray vs. black at best.
I actually realized this a bit ago: You can't put realistic medieval frenchmen into a D&D game, as it will be literally impossible for the players to feel like heroes helping these people.
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You know, that game where you put a bunch of kittens in a sack and light it on fire. If you don't hurry they'll be killed!
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If your idea of Good cannot coexist with draft animals and feudalism and demonic cults and expecting homemaking women, it has no business in medieval fantasy. Period, check, put a stake in it, throw everything that trips that straight in the trash for this discussion. Elfgame is not real life, Elfgame is heavily referential to bygone days, morality fundamentally does not operate in Elfgame like it does real life, and in real life there are plenty who disagree with you who also buy Elfgame. Not every single piece of fiction has to whole-heartedly endorse "The Mainstream Ethics". That is normally called propagandizing.

You want not a single governing authority figure in any published setting to ping as Good? You do you. But doing that makes the Alignment system wholly untenable, because for that system to really mean anything useful the in-universe societies the players interact with have to actually have Good characters. And Lawful Good has to get populated somehow for Paladins to exist, which just flatly doesn't work with my understanding of your proposition, because it appears to make "Law" in the context of D&D civilizations wildly incompatible with "Good" because society-level "Good" as you define it cannot exist in their context. Directly and specifically coerced labor is required somewhere along the line for these societies to work.
Considering the fostering and mentorship relationships that were necessary for the healthy functioning of the roman empire, I await your full-throated defense of child rape with baited breath.