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    Quote Originally Posted by danielxcutter View Post
    Iíve heard that in the comics the Gems are easier to use and far more powerful. The Gauntletís literally just a normal gauntlet(or was it a glove? I forget) that he uses to easily wear them.

    In the movies though the Gauntletís basically a control device and even then itís not perfect.
    In the comics the gems were absurd, but they had limitations too. Your mastery of each gem was contingent on your ability to harmonise with it. This was illustrated by the Elders of the Universe; beings who had essentially attained true immortality and power cosmic due to their single minded obsession over one particular aspect of existence. Some of these aspects naturally lent themselves to using these gems; like The Champion's obsession is with battle and he doesn't even realise the power gem is empowering him until after Thanos gets it off him. A different Elder can't use one of the gems at all, because their obsession is the antithesis of the gem he possesses. As a super genius plot breaking badass, Thanos can use all 6 of the gems to their maximum abilities, but even he needs time to gradually understand the scope of their power as he obtains more; because the gems stack like compound interest on crack.

    Basically if you have the power gem, like the Champion, you can amplify every aspect of your own power to the extent of your affinity with the gem, to the point he could just one shot a planet with his fist... but if you combine the space gem with the power gem, then each amplifies the others abilities and perception. It's not like 1 + 1 = 2, more like you go from 50 to 500 when you combine 2 gems, then from 500 to 10,000 when you combine a 3rd gem, then 10,000 to a million, and so on, as each gem amplifies and enhances the powers, perceptions, etc, you have from the others. After getting all 6 gems Thanos clicks his fingers and wipes out half the universe, but he still isn't close to filtering out and perceiving the full scope of his power. His perceptions take time to adjust, until later he effortless beats a host of Marvel uber gods like Galactus and the Celestials after realigning his filter from a power down to "prove himself" against the Avengers using only the power stone, and follows that up by defeating Eternity (the embodiment of the universe) in 1 second; and thus becoming the new Universe... however his new perception as the universe itself is so grand he momentarily forgets his trashed physical body, whereupon Nebula strolls over and removes the gauntlet and bye bye Universe Thanos.

    Side note: comic Thanos is so powerful that in one comic he fights Thor who has his belt of double strength, who is in the warriors madness which bolsters his strength by a factor of 10, and Thor has the power gem to boot. Thanos messes around going to toe to toe with him for a while, then just pulls out a plot gun and beats him in 1 blast. After that he tangles respectably with Odin, who in the comics can destroy galaxies at full power.
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