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In the comics the gems were absurd, but they had limitations too. Your mastery of each gem was contingent on your ability to harmonise with it. <snip> As a super genius plot breaking badass, Thanos can use all 6 of the gems to their maximum abilities, but even he needs time to gradually understand the scope of their power as he obtains more; because the gems stack like compound interest on crack...
Which, and I'm not criticizing either approach here, just saying- which is an interesting take on the whole Infinity Stone matter, but probably too cerebral to get across in the context of a film, where you're supposed to show, not tell. How would we show someone harmonizing with a Space Stone, for example? And could it be done in the course of a 2 hour film?

Thanos still shows himself the same plot-breaking badass as in the comics, and then did it again without any of the stones. I thought it was a hell of a conclusion to the first wave of the films.

Both are equally valid and both work, just in different ways. Like the sequence of Ender training (Ender's Game), in the film vs the novel; I was a little disappointed at some of the bits that were compressed together, changed, or left out of the film, but it still got the point across in a viscerally understandable way.