Hello there!, new member here, thought I'd both ask advise and post some of the really expansive stuff I've been creating ever since I said the fateful words:

"If nobody wants to DM, I suppose I could do it. Though it will be the first time."
So... a decade later and I think I haven't DMed for a total of about three months during this period. But I do enjoy it.

Since the start I built by own custom world, slowly, piece by piece. It started in 4E, but it jumped to 5E some years ago, and I've probably had well over two dozen PCs shape it with their shenanigans.

So, with the Covid quarantine, I got more free time than I was used to for the past three years and I started thinking of how by world ended up the way it did - from an in-universe historical view that is. Of course that spawned several months of writing.

Ever since the beginning I always thought that a whole world was big enough for many more things than most source books have. So my approach was basically "everything and the kitchen sink". There are regions of the world borrowing from Dark Suns, the Sword Coast is on a subtropical subcontinent, the largest empire in the world has a lot of Eberron inspired arcanotech, etc.

I would really like to eventually put out an actual source book, though I have little notion on how I would go about doing it.

For now though, and for anyone interested, here is the EXTREMELY abbreviated timeline of the last three thousand years of this world that I've created.

Also link to a map right at the end of this timeline, just for reference, you know, in case anyone is bonkers enough to read through!

Timeline: link 1 link 2 (pdf)
World map (massive)