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For some of you, everything went wrong in an instant. The reactor should've been fine, but you saw some of your coworkers messing around near it right before it blew up. You can't remember who it was, but you know that you didn't die accidentally - this was sabotage. For some of you, everything went wrong gradually. You were sent to sabotage the reactor as insiders, but you're not exactly the most professional saboteurs. Too many mistakes, too many close calls almost getting caught, and it turns out you couldn't even delay the blast enough to all get out.

Now all of you are trapped in the power plant. The place is crawling with investigators and wannabe detectives of all kinds, trying to figure out what went wrong. And because you all felt some dire need to keep your name from being posthumously sullied, you have remained behind as phantoms to haunt the facility until the investigations are completed.

One of the teams investigating things are ghost-hunters, who seem convinced that some malevolent spirit is responsible for what went wrong. Worse, they're not complete loonies - they've got methods of communicating and exorcising ghosts that actually work. Every now and then, the ghostbusters will exorcise another of you, so now it's a race against the clock: can you point these wannabe polter-guys in the right direction to make sure justice is served, or will you fail and be blamed for the sabotage, with your living loved ones to bear the social consequences?

Spoiler: Rules
Basic Mechanics
This is a game of Werewolf/Mafia. It functions somewhat like "Among Us", if you are more familiar with that game.

Prior to the game starting, I will randomly assign roles to players from the lists below. The role you receive will define your win condition and what powers you have (if any). If you are a member of the scum team, you will start the game in secret contact with other members of scum team via a group QT, which you can use to discuss strategy without being discovered.

The game will start on a Day Phase; the first Day Phase will last 72 hours, while subsequent ones will last 48 hours. During any Day Phase, all players can vote for who they wish to "lynch" (remove from the game) that phase. Your vote is not set in stone once cast, and you can recast your vote at any time (or even unvote entirely), provided that the phase has not ended. To cast your vote, please bold and color in red the name of the person you wish to vote. It doesn't have to be their forum name proper, or some official "I vote [name]", as long as it's recognizable who you're voting and the formatting has been done.

At the end of the day phase, I'll tally votes, and declare how many votes each wagon received. Whichever wagon has the most votes is lynched and can no longer participate in the game publicly or privately (except for Dead Chat, where they can talk with me and anybody else who is already dead). I will then inform the other players of that person's role and alignment. If there was a tie between who had the most votes, the tie will be resolved randomly.

After a Day Phase ends, the game will shift to the Night Phase; all Night Phases will last 24 hours. If you possess a power that lets you target somebody during the Night Phase, this is the time to use it. During this time, the scum team will be able to select a non-scum player to be killed (as well as using whatever other powers they might have as well). After a Night Phase ends, the game will shift to the Day Phase once more.

This cycle will repeat until one of two things happens: either all members of one team or the other is eliminated, or the elimination of all members of one team is inevitable. For example, if you get to a Day Phase with 7 players left (3 town, 4 scum), town has basically already lost, and so a Mercy Rule will be invoked to call the game early instead of making everybody play through the next 120 hours.


This community frequently employs the use of QuickTopic threads for games like this, in order to have private communication between players without the narrator's inbox getting filled up constantly. However, the overuse of QuickTopics by certain individuals (...me, I'm the one who's done this, primarily) has tended to result in them being the center of a great deal of the game's strategy rather than the main game thread, which 1) makes it difficult to gauge the game-state properly if 90% of the game is occurring in chats you're not in, and 2) makes it basically worthless to try and revisit the game later, since frequently only two QTs will get posted in the main thread (the wolf chat and the dead chat, typically).

So instead, in this game players are not allowed to create QTs by default. Every night, I as narrator will create up to [REDACTED] QTs, each connecting two random players. This will be identical to and indistinguishable from QTs set up by the Medium and similar roles (see Roles below).

Additionally, you may not share a QT link with anybody else, publicly or privately. If you are on scumteam and you get put into a QT with somebody else, you can tell scumteam about it, including the complete contents of the QT if you like, but you cannot share the QT link. Breaking this rule will result in a narrator-kill where you are immediately sent to the Dead Chat and unable to take part in the game going forward.

Finally, you are not allowed to alias within any QTs. Your name in a QT should clearly indicate to others reading it who sent the message. If a post is made that I feel doesn't properly communicate who is posting it, I will delete the post and explain why it was deleted. Repeated violations by a particular individual will result in a narrator-kill as above.

Narrator Confirmation

Narrator confirmation of things will be limited, but the narrator will not lie to you; if you are told a thing by the narrator (such as a death reveal, or an answer on a power interaction), it will be the truth. With that being said:

1) There will be no powers that screw with vote totals in this game. The process and results of the lynch shall be sacred and public.

2) There is a bastard mechanic centered around QTs, but I won't specify what it is until the game is over.


Most people will not have powers of any kind. Most power roles will not be defined here, and the one that is has redacted information.

You are among the living, but you are particularly attuned to the spirits of those who have passed on, and can communicate with them to an extent.
You are Neutral aligned. Your win condition does not care about the current gamestate, or your own status among the living. Your win condition is [REDACTED].

Every night, you may target two players. You may select yourself as one of the targets, if you wish. I will create a conversation QT named "Afterlife: [target 1] / [target 2]", and privately post a link to that QT in the personal QTs of target 1, target 2, and the Medium. You are allowed to talk in this QTs, if you wish. If the two targets already have a conversation QT between them, your power fails. [REDACTED].

Player List:
  1. Apogee1
  2. Aventine
  3. Batcathat
  4. Book Wombat
  5. bladescape
  6. CaoimhinTheCape
  7. EmmyNecromancer
  8. gac3
  9. Murska
  10. rogue_alchemist
  11. Snowblaze
  12. Supagoof
  13. Xihirli

PMs are being sent out. Once this thread is active and PMs have been received and confirmed, I'll get Day 1 started. Don't post here until I post the start of Day 1.