Great River Layout

The Great River is roughly divided into six main sections.

The Marshes
The Marshes are a great river delta where the Mahnad reaches the coast. The vast majority of people living on the Great River can be found in this area, which is covered several hundred of small farming villages and market towns, as well as the largest city Kamir. The God-Queen Yenati and her Red Guards rule over this land, and while she lays claim to the entire river, her officials are rarely found beyond the Marshes. Not far north from the Marshes is Ven Marhend, the City of the Sorcerer Lords.
The Marshes are very well explored and settled, and there is nothing here for explorers to find. But agents of the queen or the Sorcerer Lords might be leading expeditions of their own further up the river.

The Lower River
The Lower River makes up the 500 miles or so between the Marshes and Lake Amara, where the Mahnad branches into the Green and Black Rivers. It runs through a wide gap between two long mountain ranges that run parallel to the coast from the Northwest to the Southeast. The main course of the Lower River is seeing frequent traffic by river traders and has numerous small farming villages and a handful of towns on its banks, but many of the smaller side branches are still completely unexplored.

The Black River
The Black River is the southern of the two large rivers that meet at Lake Amara. It runs along the far side of the mountains is flanked by dense jungles. Together with the Lower River, it was the main area of control of the Naga kingdom that existed on the Mahnad a thousand years ago, and in recent years Naga explorers have reached its headwaters by going through the jungles from the south. This river has the majority of unexplored Naga ruins. The Black River is almost entirely unexplored by people from the Lower River, but there exists a town of mountain people that sits on one of the rivers running down from the northernmost parts of the Southern Mountains.

The Green River
The Green River is the largest section of the Great River, but only the first 200 miles appear on any known maps. The Green River starts in a mountain range far to the north, where it runs through a shallow and rocky bed through sparse woodlands, until it reaches a vast valley many hundreds of miles across that goes all the way to Lake Amara where it meets the Black River. The western side of the Green River is covered in dense forests while the lands to the east are more sparsely overgrown and contain many large heaths and moors.

The Ash River
The Ash River runs from a range of great volcanoes that rise high above the center of the great valley. Wind coming from the sea usually drives the smoke and ash from the volcanoes further inland to the east, but occasional eastern winds can carry the ash far down towards the coast, covering the skies above the entire river. The Ash River sees the most of the ash and gases coming down and is a largely volcanic landscape in which small stubborn forest still cling on to life.

The West Branch
The West Branch runs down from a chain of hills that runs between the coastal mountains and the northern mountains that are the source of the Green River. The West Branch has carved a deep canyon into the rocky ground that is covered by empty hall and strongholds of the ancient giant Rock Carvers. For much of the year, this river is cold and covered in fog, and the dark forests above the cliff are just as foreboding.