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Wow - first game back and y'all get right to pointing. Um - Snowblaze? - only because of the vote for Batcathat didn't get an auto - "I'll retaliate and vote right back at you" response which indicates some sort of cohesion between the two, but flimsy logic on my part at best.
Current meta is that people vote early to get discussion going (after a bit) and it theoretically helps us out more later in the game. I wouldn't necessarily expect BatCat to give Snow a vote right back but that's not to say they aren't working together.

Also, it's usually/used to be seen as scummy to post vote counts apparently (cheap townie points for not doing much) but I showed up and started doing them. I'll post them as town or scum so it really doesn't indicate much.

Vote Count

Aventine (1): Book Wombat
Batcathat (1): Snowblaze
Book Wombat (1): Batcathat
Xihirli (1): rogue_alchemist
Apogee1 (1): CaoimhinTheCape
Snowblaze (1): Supagoof

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