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    Quote Originally Posted by Apogee1 View Post

    I'm going to vote snowblaze for giving a townread to Cao for something incredibly NAI.
    Not a townread, "minor town points" as in it's better than nothing for page one, but I'm not likely to put much stock in it once things actually start happening. Which it seems they now are, although wagoning me isn't the best sort of thing to happen...

    Having said that it's kind of entertaining that Batcathat is currently screwing me over just by not voting for me.

    ... I really want to start a wagon but I don't actually have any wolfreads. Wolves, could you do something wolfy please?

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    Oh yeah, and my reasoning behind those minor townpoints was that a wolf would theoretically gain from keeping their mouth shut and potentially making town votes not count. I've said that it feels even weaker than I thought it was. Meh, I'll sleep on it and be back with proper reads tomorrow. Hopefully.

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    ...sleep is over-rated.

    I want to say there's a wolf on my wagon, because a) statistically speaking it's probably quite likely and b) I've declared my inactivity (even if I'm not actually being inactive... I have time, WiFi, energy and phone battery all at once, which I wasn't expecting) which would make me an easy target since I'm not here to defend myself.

    The problem is that everyone on my wagon atm has somewhat justifiable reasons for being there. Supagoof's reasoning was thin but it was also page one, Aventine has a habit of jumping on wagons to see what happens and I seem to remember Murska doing something similar in Percy Jackson, and Apogee has an actual valid reason to suspect me.

    ...if you had to force me to pick a wolf from those four I'd probably go with Apogee just because fourth vote feels kind of opportunistic this early.

    ...okay, Apogee1 is as close as I'm going to get to a wolfread at this point. Plus it starts a new wagon which might generate useful information.

    @gac3 do you have a read on me? Can you elaborate on your reasoning for the Aventine vote?

    ...not going to speculate on the Emmy Medium thing right now. Mainly because I don't know what to make of it!

    Right, now I'm actually going to sleep.
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