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I swear I was trying to sleep, I just remembered I hadn't crossed out my Batcathat vote and saw this while looking for it:

This was five hours ago. Where's the promised content?

gac3, I do not understand the Emmy thing at all. That's why I'm not speculating.

Now, if I post again before 6 am BST you can treat it as a wolf claim and kill me with fire.

(I'm fireproof...)
Work sucks, but we all know how that goes.

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Right!? I'm not even sure we were referencing the same musical!
Hey, Iím not a monster. Iím just ahead of the curve.

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Just felt like I should have more of a reason to jump on someone with 2 votes. Not a lot of logic to that, but ehh.

It entirely depends on the win condition. We don't know if the Medium would work better in secret or not.

Even not knowing that, not sure if Medium claiming would help town or wolves. Town knows one person they shouldn't lynch but Wolves know someone they shouldn't shoot.

So, I guess my opinion would be that Medium shouldn't claim but it's not terrible if they do.

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Ok, I'll admit to being less active than usual due to school. I don't have any information to say, but the Medium might repeat it the next night.

I'm guessing that Emmy was trying to respond to something in Cao's quote just above it in my message. Maybe that the Medium might repeat same action, I can't figure out what "it" refers to.

I have one more quote to go find and do a read off of and that'll be all the meat I can find. This thread has been a whole lotta finger pointing and tongue-in-cheek voting that seems to turn serious for no apparent reason. As such I can't find particularly wolfy behavior until we have some voting being resolved.

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It isn't serious accusation, but I don't have much to go on yet. Hence my figuring we could discuss something. Since based on that list nearly half the players haven't posted.

Wait... I need to reread the rules because I'm not entirely following. Are the dead people the wolves?

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Ah... I don't think I'd read the fluff part yet. I see now. For some reason I thought I knew the theme of this game and it wasn't this. Idk why I thought it was something different. This is what I get for waiting until games start to read the information.
Gac3 asking if dead people are wolves makes me think gac is alive. This is pertinent information for later, but I am not sure that it means much for now.