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    Quote Originally Posted by CaoimhinTheCape View Post
    I wasn't going to bring attention to it yet, but hard agree. You know what, it's probably a better reason than a random vote so gac3.

    Vote Count

    Aventine (2): Book Wombat, gac3
    Book Wombat (1): Batcathat
    Xihirli (2): rogue_alchemist, bladescape
    Snowblaze (4): Supagoof, Murska, Aventine, Apogee1
    rogue_alchemist (1): Xihirli
    Apogee1 (1): Snowblaze
    gac3 (1): CaoimhinTheCape

    No vote: EmmyNecromancer
    I get it, gac3 is definitely not true town, and must be neutral if he is alive. General feelings are that the only good neutral is a dead neutral, but the fluff makes it seem that not all neutrals are bad. I don't know how he can prove it one way or the other short of us lynching him, but here we are. If he is willing, I would love to hear win-con and claims. Might as well pressure now that I've pointed all this out. Gac3
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