I will absolutely claim. I was almost going to anyways.

... I do have one small point of suspicion with my claim... Nowhere was the name of my role listed. Not in the quick topic title, text or the PM. It does match the text of the Medium from the OP though.

I am Neutral. I can make QTs. Well I tell AV and AV can make QTs between two people of my choosing. I can be one but I don't have to be. I can prove this tonight. Give me two names to make a QT between. Unless there is a role block or two night kills, there shouldn't be a way to block me from using my power tonight, if I understand it correct. The further in we get the harder it will be though because my power fails if I target two who already have a private QT. Which makes me think I'm not the only method of QT creation.

I don't have to be alive to win but if I die day one, I can't win, so I would like not to die. I have to have created a QT for every living player to win. So ideally I'd like to stay alive for a couple days and then I don't mind dying.

Any questions?